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Trends He Verses She

November 12, 2009
So, this is what we have going on at and what I mean by He verses She. But I have to back up a bit. A few years ago the Eugene Register Guard called me and wanted to know if I would do an interview with them about single women buying homes and did I notice an increase of single women buying homes over the last 5 years? At the time there was some new national statistic circling around that this was a new trend for the first time in like 30 years; or ever; or something like that. Now this was about 3 years ago, but it did get me thinking… At the time I did not notice an increase over the norm in single women buying homes.  I had couples buying or refinancing with a few single men or single women doing the same but not many in comparison to couples.

I am not saying I only work with men or women, but I do know the financial circumstances of all my clients above and it seems to me that the gentlemen above that are either buying their first or second homes, or refinancing are taking advantage of the excellent home prices, the tax credit and or the incredible interest rates. I have heard things from them like, “I am not sure if my job will be around in 5 years so I want to get my payment down now before I am stuck with a higher payment and don’t qualify to get a lower one.”; “I thought it was a good time to upgrade into a new home that the builders are begging you to buy.” (Now he is going to get the $6500.00 tax credit surprise!!!);”I should buy now before rates go up”;” If I don’t do this now, I may never do it, plus I get the $8000.00 of my investment back.” So in most cases they are thinking about their future, not worrying about it much, just being proactive in their dealings with their real estate and well, taking action.   They seem to see opportunity in front of them and take advantage of it. 

As for the wonderful women now taking charge of the situation they find themselves in (due to the economy and very little fault of their own, believe me their stories are sad), they are dealing with the present. They will soon be out of the red and into the black because they are starting to look forward. In fact, because I am writing this and taking a look at it closely I am realizing that the best way for me to help them become more like my gentlemen above is to help them build up a nice kind of future goal that will keep them focused and make good choices to get there.  Most importantly to take action.

Today a past client that we will be refinancing his house soon called me, so I think I will ask him some more questions about what he sees coming that he would want to refinance again (well obviously lower his payment) so soon. Just did it at 5.75% two-three years ago on a 15 yr loan and now rates are lower than 4.5% on a 15 year term. But there’s costs associated with a loan again… I am just going to pick his brain a little and see what I learn.

On another note, I just got a referral from a colleague to a single mom who wants to buy her first home, so again, I will find out what is motivating her to make this life step.  Maybe with the next wave of tax credits the Trends will turn and women will do more as well. We will see and I will write about it.  I just find it so interesting.

Anyone else with a lets say a sociology degree see anything here they learned about in class or from experience? I would be curious to find out.

The trend in the last quarter of 09, this is whats been going on in my office. My loans that are active and or just closing, we are dealing with just the men in almost all aspects. I would say this is more unusual than normal.

We only have two women we are working with as main contacts one is getting her financials straightened out on our VIP program and the other is doing a refinance on her existing home (also getting financials straightened out). Last week I had two other referrals to help two different families in financial trouble. In both situations the women were taking the bull by the horns and saying “I want to get our credit/ finances taken care of.”.  – The Women are the contacts on these.

We all know that men and women are wired differently, I always say, “we need a Lending Laddy” 🙂 Because they see everyday circumstances differently than us Ladies and can offer real benefits in business and even complement each other.

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